Support Your Friends, Negate Your Enemies

April 11, 2009

Hundreds of people came to Union Square to show their support for the arrested.  A student read a statement called What The Fuck Happened Friday Morning? as friends cheered on and leaflets were passed out. Everyone was pissed about the NYPD and New School beating up our friends and ending our joy, and they pledged to occupy everything until every last building is ours. Talk of student strikes,  larger occupations and jail support was immiment.

Emboldened by the courage of the occupiers who combated the commodity-spectacle head-on earlier in the day, everyone suddenly  busted out a  spontaneous march down 14th st, inverting obstacles along the way while  improving transport aesthetics as well. A river of ungovernable subjects poured throughout Greenwich village for a while, unhampered by any enforcement machines, chanting “OCCUPY/EVERYTHING”, “A, ANTI, ANTICAPITALISTA”, and other classics. They made it to Kerrey’s house right as the force of law arrived, temporarily negating their desires, until they were freed again to circulate against the bourgeois accountrements  of the ‘village’. Throughout the night,the streets were lifted from their normal use, and allowed to play with us in the game of make total destroy.

Four more people were arrested during the support-catharsis , bringing the total number of arrests on the glorious day of April 10th to 26!




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