Occupy Nothing

April 14, 2009

We fully support the actions of the administration against the student occupiers and their supporters.  Enlisting the police as a private security force is a tried-and-true tactic of those with pull against those who push.  Private power lobs up resistance due to its deliciously alienating and hierarchical essence.  The police swing for the fences.  Batter up.  We love this shit.

You know something else we love?  Using students as laughable instruments of our strategy.  A New School Free Press reporter gave video footage he shot of the protest outside to the police.  That’s what we’re talking about.  Only if all students knew that actively negating the unlife of their compartmentalized pseudo-reality by the total seizure of an education-edifice and subsequently abolishing the imposed identity of that physical structure is a self-defeating enterprise, then we could use every last one of them as naive pawns on our two-dimensional chessboard of domination.  Heads cocked to the sky, we laugh maniacally at the prospect!  HA!, friend, HA!        

Kind fool, you must know there is a far more insidious way of deconstructing a student-led struggle against authority.  This is by infiltrating the very space in which the student constructs his identity.  The student is trained in the art of critical thinking to the point that when a fellow resists in a way he sees fit, the student hyper-analyzes and critiques said resister’s actions into obliteration.  The notion of solidarity is destroyed by what the student-dupe believes to be the inscrutable, sacrosanct pillar of learning!  Booyah.  This is perhaps a double booyah.      

If you want to know what we’re about, just listen up, no need to shout.  Kerrey’s safe and so are his goons, we all know they won’t be leaving soon.  Don’t resist just shut your mouth and view these words as they’re spelled out: read esoteric books and get a career, don’t build on actions, just hide and sneer.   

Straight up, it’s time to collaborate all up in this motherfucker.   

-The New School in Collaboration


One Response to “Occupy Nothing”

  1. Kevin Says:

    “A New School Free Press reporter gave video footage he shot of the protest outside to the police.”

    The Free Press have no video cameras, and if we did we probably would have used it for stories before this one. No photographs, quotes, or audio recordings were shared with any other organizations, including and especially police, New School administration or other media. And no, there were no intentions of ever surreptitiously collaborating with anyone else.


    Kevin Dugan
    News Editor
    New School Free Press

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