Off the sidewalk, into the FUTURE!

April 17, 2009

HOLY SHITBALLS! What the fuck happened last night at the New School?

New School in Exile: Video | Photos

by tyler magyar by langnewspaper.

Hundreds of people at the anti-police brutality rally at the 55 w13th st New School building, dozens in Bob Kerrey masks, speaker after speaker condeming the NYPD and the New School’s violent response to the occupation, absurd revolutionaries challenging everyone to OCCUPY EVERYTHING! ABOLISH TIME! and NEGATE NEGATION. The crowd gets pumped and takes the street in front of the building, screaming at the top of their lungs against the structures of abusive authority that surround them – including the  numerous undercover cops and new school-hired private security teams, as well as the FBI, TARU units, and other violent state-sanctioned gangs like them present. The atmosphere becomes raucous and the joy and fear of everyone surges.  DROP THE CHARGES, OCCUPY AGAIN they say.

The crowd negates itself as solely quantitative, and becomes quality. OFF THE SIDEWALKS, INTO THE FUTURE is heard.  A living being, a collective force, a subject – the crowd elegantly moves to the intersection at 13st and 6th ave, and then – without any decision except everyone’s – it stops, right there. Sixth ave is blocked, and the functionality of a street is temporarily lifted from its use as means of transport for commodities and turned into a playground of rebel subjectivities. WHOSE TIME? OUR TIME! Undead for the first time since last weekend, the force moves against traffic on 6th ave, turns left on 11th st. The protesters march down 11th street to demonstrate in front of Kerrey's house. WE DESTROY THE PRESENT, WE COME FROM THE FUTURE it yells. NOW it finds its way, and marches on President Kerrey’s townhouse again! HEY HEY HO HO, BOB KERREY’S GOT TO GO they yell.  Turn up 5th ave and BAM, everyone’s right back in front of that dead building at 65 Fifth Ave which students have now TWICE tried to resurrect. A spontaneously disciplined blockade forms right in front of that altar of knowledge, and once again, the potentialities that are buried in the streets, hidden in the cracks, concealed in the students, mystified in the faculty, and shamefully ignored by everyone else there shows itself, and becomes a danger. The possibility of actually controlling the streets, the building, our workplaces, our community, our lives becomes real and that possibility MUST be STOPPED. COPS ARRIVE.  They grab 5 people, TWO ARE PULLED BACK. THREE ARE ARRESTED. FUCK. NO NO! SHAME SHAME! THE WHOLE SPECTACLE IS WATCHING! The struggle results in a student's arrest. FROM NEW YORK TO GREECE, FUCK THE POLICE. Fifth Ave is BLOCKED. What is happening? There’s the new provost! There’s some deans. WHO the fuck is that guy filming me? The provost comes to negotiate, and the COPS FORCIBLY PUSH HIM AWAY. The singularity is trapped in front of 65 Fifth ave, but has a plan. When protesters will not comply with police requests to move, some officers use force.. HEAD TO NYU they say, where a rally is awaiting them in front of the Kimmel Center, that structure of pain which was occupied in February by those brave rebels at NYU. The Reverend Billy was there, not expecting such a torrent of spontaneous power. Sorry Billy, nothing personal, but we had something going on. Come back another day and join us. Police surround Kimmel, an argument breaks out between yuppies and proles, and the rest of the self-dissolving students head to the 6th Precinct to free our friends. A few dozen walk right up to the gates of the force of law, screaming LET THEM GO! ABOLISH EXCHANGE-VALUE! OPEN UP THE VORTEX, LET US IN!

Does it ever stop? What have we unleashed upon this metropolitan wasteland? If anything was shown by last night, it is that something has emerged at the New School, at NYU, in New York City that is not taking SHIT anymore. Until every last building is occupied, transformed, freed from its subservience to labor and consumption, WE WON’T STOP. A strange myst of truth was in the air, and words toppled each other before meaning could be frozen. Every body, every chant, every movement was a political gesture in a ballet of power. Bob Kerrey will go. We know this will happen. Together, we can find ourselves in the moments, find each other in these places where action and education blend, where streets and classrooms merge, where life and thought for one moment clearly see each other, and are consistent.

Until every clock is broken,


3 Responses to “Off the sidewalk, into the FUTURE!”

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  3. d Says:

    My only suggestion is lose the SHAME chants, it was a bummer last week and it’s a bummer now. It reeks of liberal idiocy. If cops had shame they wouldn’t be cops.

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