Solidarity message from La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy.

April 19, 2009

We, members of the Italian student movement who have been continuously mobilized since last autumn against the cycles of university reform, against an unstable job market and for a new student ‘welfare’, have passionately followed your action at the New School on April 10. We’ve been following your struggle for the resignation of President Kerry, guilty in our eyes of creating a corporate university administration who blatantly disregards the interests of the students and faculty, the core of the university. With the careful attention we pay to protest movements in other countries, we bared witness to the police repression and brutality that the university administration unleashed on its students. As we are all part of world-wide student struggles, we want to express our solidarity with your movement and all arrestees.

A few days beforehand, during the new school occupation in new york, performed to stand up against Bob Kerrey’s lack of financial and political transparency. The students of New York clashed with the violence ‘police’ reaction which militarized the campus and removed the occupiers by force. More than 20 students were put under arrest, and now are laden with judicial charges which in our eyes are heavy-handed.

The grotesquely disproportionate police reaction reveals to us how governments all over the world, just as in Italy, are incapable to contain the birth of a new movement and new forms of protest with the vain attempt to control the social consequences of the economic crisis as it intensifies. The sole response they are capable of giving is one we know well, with batons, sirens and pepper spray in the eyes of unarmed protesters, in increasingly futile attempts to reduce that which is by its constitution outside the confines of measurement and control. Their brutality does not frighten us. The student and labor movements in America, as in Europe, in New York as in London and in Rome, must necessarily recognize the excessive measures were adopted in the sole purpose of repression, as so-called legitimate power is incapable of relating to that which breaks out of the confines of free market politics.

Today at LA SAPIENZA we would like to express our solidarity with the student of the New School. Your struggle as with our own, will continue to be immeasurable.


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