LEAKED DOCUMENT: Core Values of the New School

April 25, 2009

Are the core values of the New School being upheld? This question has sparked bitter debate between students, faculty, and administrators at the New School. Whether it’s student actions, faculty roles, university identity, or administrative decisions, everyone has an opinion on whether or not it fulfills the “core values” that secretly govern our university.

Thankfully, we of the Reoccupied Investigative Committee have got hold of a leaked document from 1919 (revised as of 1933) that marks the actual core values of the school. From now on, we have a measure, a standard, a baseline from which to hold reasonable conversations in the future. Judge for yourselves.


Core Values of the New School

Freedom from Hierarchical Power

Abolition of the Commodity-Form

Negation of Capital

Refusal of Work

Destruction of the State


Strategic Combat against All Forms of Alienation and Domination

The Real Abolition of the Present State of Things

Pleasure Without Restraint



From Each According to Their Abilities, To Each According to their Needs

Direct Action

Rejection of Specialization and the Division of Labor


Unity of Theory and Practice


Revolutionary Criticism


The Deconstruction of Discourse


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