Italy: Universities of Pisa, Rome, Bologna, Venice, Turin, Padova, Milan and Naples OCCUPIED ahead of G8

July 7, 2009

Last night 21 Italian students of the universities of Turin, Padua, Naples and Bologna have been arrested through a violent act of the Italian police. Sixteen students have been imprisoned, and other five have to stay under house arrest. Moreover two social centres and several houses have been raided and searched in Turin, Padua and Naples.

The students arrested are in charge of resistance to police and violence during the G8 University in Turin on May. The Anomalous Wave occupied the universities, took the streets and blocked the cities against the unsustainable and illegitimate G8 University Summit, and against the crazy policy of the Italian government.
During those days, Turin’s University was animated by several debates and meetings in which edu-factory collective participated too.

[The perfect Wave 10.000 against G8, charges and fights into the red zone]

It is clear the repressive mechanism that wants to hit the movement of the Anomalous Wave. During the last months students, researchers and PhD students have generalized the slogan “We won’t pay for your crisis!” creating the Autonomous universities through the process of the Self- Reform. They want to punish the movement cause it’s not subdued to the destiny of precarity, cause it’s the only opposition to an incompetent and unworthy government.

It is clear that we are in front of a series of “preventive arrests” at the beginning of the week of action for the G8 summit in L’Aquila. It is clear that it is a fascist operation led by police to attack and intimidate students and all the activists that will protest during this week.

Up to now several rector’s office and departments in the universities of Pisa, Rome, Bologna, Venice, Turin, Padova, Milan and Naples are being occupied by hundreds of students claiming the immediately freedom and release of the 21 students. The Anomalous Wave claims for clear statements from the rectors against the criminalization of the students’ movement: “We will not go until our university is not positioning itself towards the arrests”.

As several press releases affirm:

“We have no fear of the future and no nostalgia for the past”

“the wave is still surfing, the perfect wave cannot be arrested, FREEDOM FOR ALL NOW!”

More info, video and photos:

edu-factory collective

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  1. This is inspiring I think I will start a blog myself one day in italian of course. Great post, grazie. Ciao da Hotel Abano Terme

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