New School Disorientation Guide RELEASED

August 24, 2009

wDownload the New School Disorientation Guide:



The campus has been dead for months now, it yearns for the hustle of students running late to class, meeting each other in the courtyard and recanting their nights, marching angrily or partying in the streets. During the summer the administration had the time and space to put everything back in its right place: sandblasting graffiti, installing a Starbucks, closing the 65 5th Avenue building for good, prosecuting and fining rebellious students, sweeping up the broken glass and letting the pepper spray disperse in the air. For the University administrators, the last two semesters were a nightmare, but they are hopeful that with Kerrey’s announcement that he will resign in 2011 (which effectively fooled many into thinking he had already resigned) that the action on campus will calm down. Students will return to focusing on trivial “quality of life” issues such as “greening” the campus and getting more organic food into the cafeteria, so the New School’s return to radicalism will finally come to the end.

What they didn’t count on is the incoming student body actually knowing what they are entering: a war-zone.  . . .

One Response to “New School Disorientation Guide RELEASED”

  1. Annon. Says:

    The New School hires demolition company with a relationship to organized crime for work at 65 Fifth Avenue?


    New School DOB permit for demolition at 65 Fifth Ave, PAR WRECKING CORP


    Par Wrecking Corporation makes a $35,000 payment to a member of organized crime to allow them to use non-union workers on a union job:

    “Top Gambino Associate Pleads Guilty to Racketeering Charge”

    “…Additionally, the Indictment alleges that Merola and Cicalese conspired with Joseph Manzella, 50, of West Orange, the Business Agent of Local 1153 of the Laborers International Union of North America, to allow Par Wrecking Corporation to use non-union labor at a demolition project at the Prudential garage in Newark in violation of its collective bargaining agreement with Local 1153. According to the Indictment, Par Wrecking paid more than $35,000 in cash to Cicalese, who had been appointed as the Job Steward for Local 1153 at the Prudential garage construction site…” — FBI press release May 21, 2009

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