New School Releases Stupid Report on April 10th Occupation

October 6, 2009 School administrative chumps release their version of events of the reoccupation of 65 5th ave on April 10th, 2009.

Download Report here


  • One banner read “April Fools, motherfucker.”  Because the Occupation was on April 10, it is not clear what this banner was intended to suggest.
  • The officer called on police Hazmat units to contain the trash can and the area around it, which was dyed red.
  • In the period between approximately 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., members of the occupying party, wearing hoods and masks, began appearing on the roof for different intervals of time.  Reports indicate that during these intervals the occupants read a list of complaints regarding the University as well as manifestos criticizing the capitalist system.

  • Police took photographs of some of the damage inside the Building, which included damage to a cash register, which bore pry marks suggesting that someone had attempted to pry it open.  In addition to the cash register, the locks on a security gate had been broken along with several signs which were ultimately replaced by the School.  Furthermore, the Occupants had opened food containers rendering them unfit for sale.
  • The Executive Staff estimates that the above, in combination with the loss of business at the cafeteria due to the occupation, the replacement of Rodriguez’s radio, and overtime payments to cleaning staff who later attended to the Building, amounted to over $12,000 in expenses to the University.
  • A helicopter unit hovered over the Building, and emergency service unit personnel and commanders as well as a hostage negotiation team were present.  Sikorski noted that he saw Hazmat, Intel, and Weapons of Mass Destruction units on the scene.
  • In February, the Crisis Management Team circulated among itself an Emergency Response Protocol identifying communications protocols for various natural and man-mad crises.

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