Greece on Fire Again!

December 6, 2009

Continuous Updates at Occupied London

  • 23.36 GMT+2 To the people asking about the “injured” rector of the Athens University: This is only coming from mainstream media and we can only be very suspicious about this piece of news, as this injury could be used as pretext for storming the Athens University, which seems to be something the cops are considering. The rector did walk past two people reporting for the Occupied London blog, just outside the university. Both confirm he seemed more pissed of than “injured”. At the same time, mainstream media report that he is in intensive care!
  • 22:18 GMT+2 About 1000 people are concentrated in Exarchia Square. Protest in Athens’ Police headquarters where 177 people are detained.     
  • 21. 50 GMT+2 1000 people are marching from the place where Alexis was killed to the Exarchia Square.
  • 21.00 GMT+2 About 1000 people were gathered to the place where Alexis was killed by the cops.
  • 20.25 GMT +2 Confirmed, the 21 people arrested in the anarchist space Resalto, yesterday, are all charged under the anti-terrorist law! The 41 people arrested during the eviction of the Town Hall of Keratsini are appearing before the prosecuting judge now – 9pm on a Sunday night! Democracy works overtime, it seems.


  • 19.31 GMT+2 At least three people were run over on purpose by motorcycle police at today’s demonstration. One woman is in critical condition. See this youtube video and especially minutes 3:07 and 5.32, which show two of the injuries.
  • 19.21 GMT+2 There are strong rumours that a police raid of the Propylea building of the University of Athens is imminent. The building, on Panepistimiou avenue, is occupied by people currently in minor street-fighting with the cops that have surrounded it.
  • 19.10 GMT+2 At least 134 detentions in Athens and 88 in Thessaloniki, today only. All you internationals in the Greek streets tonight, please take special care, the cops are trying to detain as many internationals as possible to try prove the conspiracy theory that thousands of foreign anarchists invaded the country for tonight.
  • 18.42 GMT+2 For those of you in Athens tonight: It is impossible to access the Polytechnic at this time (18:42 GMT+2), riot police units have surrounded it all around and won’t let anyone approach. We don’t quite know if there is any way to access the Law School, we are trying to find out and go there. There is a gathering called for 9pm at the corner of Messologiou and Tzavela streets, where Alexis was assassinated.
  • 18.31 GMT+2 Riot cops have violated the academic asylum at the Athens Law School. They chased and arrested people outside the gates of the university, at a space also covered by academic asylum. They even crossed into the gates of the university for a few minutes. We have people arrested there, we don’t know how many yet.
  • 18.25 GMT+2 Athens IMC is down; we think the server is under attack and/ or being blocked.
  • 17:20 GMT+2 In Exarcheia, riot police swept through the square. Around 100 of us tried to find refuge in the building of the Migrants’ Haunt on Tsamadou street. The pigs in uniform stood outside the building, tear-gassing through the windows and doors. Tear-gassing in an indoors space is, of course, potentially murderous attack.
  • 14.00 GMT+2 Today’s demonstration had around 15,000 people, met by around 10,000 cops on the streets. The demonstration was attacked only a few minutes after it started: Two eye-witnesses from Occupied London saw at least ten unprovoked arrests right the spot, on the corners of Panepistimiou Avenue and Ippokratous Street.


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