Wheeler Hall raided at 5 AM with 64 Arrests

December 11, 2009

At 5 AM this morning the Wheeler Hall study-in/soft occupation called Live Week was raided with 64 arrests. This after a week of activities such as skillshares, lectures, and film screenings.

In a statement the administration said they decided to arrest the students to prevent a planned concert, featuring a member of The Coup, that they feared woud disrupt finals that were to begin the next day. The statement also concedes Liveweek was “non-disruptive” and “they appeared to be taking steps to ensure that their activities would not conflict with classroom review sessions underway inside the building.”

This local news report shows students who participated in the previous Wheeler occupation were the first arrested. An article from Daily Cal says those 8 will be the only ones held and “may have to post bail.”

A rally has been called today for California Hall at noon to support arrested students. There have now been over 200 students arrested resisting the tuition hike throughout the UC system.

Here’s an excerpt of a letter from Berkeley faculty explaining to the administration like children about how much they’re fucking up with these arrests:

Urgently, I am asking that those arrested be cited and released. The administration and UCB will gain no ground by overreacting and holding them in jail, but will rather add fuel to the fire of those who feel the administration does not care about and respect our students, and does not perceive the way in which our students–the best and brightest of their generation, the future leaders of our state and nation–can be enlisted as critical and necessary collaborators in the fight to save public higher education. The UC will not benefit by garnering more stories in the national media like this article from December 4 Newsweek: “Whether you’re an oppressive foreign dictatorship or an American state in the process of committing fiscal suicide, you know you’re losing the public relations battle when encounters between armor-clad riot police with truncheons and college students are broadcast on TV. That’s the sad situation California found itself in last week.”

Update: Initially it seemed UC Police were carefully monitoring who was coming in and out of the building, but according to this Tweet the building is now totally locked-down:
RT @ncecire: Wheeler is locked down & I have to give my final in Dwinelle. Not because of the harmless protesters-because of UC admin. WTF.

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