ALL charges dropped for Berkeley 8!

December 16, 2009

Indybay –  On December 15th, at the final arraignment for the UC8 — a day after no charges were filed against the first two arrestees to be arraigned — it was announced that District Attorney Nancy O’Malley would not be filing charges at the current time against any of those wrongfully arrested by UC Berkeley Police on Friday, December 11th. Three of those arrested had made non-refundable bail of $13,000 for their release on Saturday and Sunday. The five others who have remained in Santa Rita jail throughout will be released this evening.

Listen to Press Conference here

The audio  includes the press conference, chants from court house supporters, and announcements for events following the arraignment.

On the audio is a short interview with Asha and the full press conference with John Viola of the National Lawyers’ Guild, a UC Berkeley student representative, and Indybay reporter Dave Id who was detained and then arrested along with the others. Announcements are made for events following the press conference: a student demonstration at Laney College against pending budget cuts and another for a Berkeley City Council meeting set to limit free speech rights.
Back Story here

2 Responses to “ALL charges dropped for Berkeley 8!”

  1. ucrebel2 Says:

    Is there any way we could get this mp3 for broadcast @ UC Rebel Radio?


  2. reoccupied Says:

    Yeah, it’s linked in the article.

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