Banner Drop at University of New Orleans

January 14, 2010


Students are being forced to pay more for less.  Government bureaucrats have slashed the higher education budget for the second straight year.  And the cuts are only getting worse. Our tuition has ratcheted up 10% and the Post-Secondary Education Review Commission is discussing as much as a 30% increase next Fall. They have already cut classes and majors, jammed every class to bursting, layed off whole crews of UNO workers, and restricted access to labs and buildings. Dirt is piling up in the buildings and students are watching the classes they need to graduate evaporate.

The economic crisis has come home. This is a crisis created by policymakers in bed with Wall Street, not by the students, faculty, or workers at UNO, and WE WON’T PAY FOR THEIR CRISIS.

De-funding higher education is a sure way to keep Louisiana at the bottom of the heap and destroy any hope of a better future for our state.

This situation is untenable.

We urge faculty to discuss the budget cuts in their classes, the staff to organize strikes as the layoffs continue, and for students to take action against tuition increases and class cuts. Faculty, workers, students: stand together and halt the looting of public higher education in Louisiana!

20 of the 25 highest paid government employees in Louisiana are Louisiana university administrators.  LSU System President John Lombardi makes $600,000 a year. What Lombardi hopes for is our silence as he dismantles the university with one hand and stuffs his pocket with the other.  That is business as usual, for now, but it rests on our complacency in allowing it to function in this time of crisis.

We are the university, we can shut it down.

-A few fed up UNO students

3 Responses to “Banner Drop at University of New Orleans”

  1. Excelent banner! !
    We are fighting hard in California, I am very happy to see that you are also fighting the fight.

    Solidarity throuought the country will win ! !

    Keep organizing and Take more action on March 4
    March 4 is the day of action for california, but can be adopted and used all over the U.S.A.

    Happiness; you know how to get there – Just organize and keep left. lol


  2. Floodman Says:

    The very idea that we would cut expenditures in education is indicative of the skewed spending philosophy in this country. Education is the single most important factor to assuring our future; we are more concerned with our comfort “in the moment” than we are about our children’s future welfare. Our grandparents would be confused by the mess our schools, both public and private are in and the problem isn’t just with the moguls that make the financial decisions. The problem here is that we as a society are more interested in what used to be called “keeping up with the Jonses” but nowe it has gone one step further. We’re trying to “beat the Jonses” and we are selling our children’s birthright to do it.

    Keep up the fight; you are not alone in this endeavor…until we can drag our country back onto the path of reality we will see issues like this one; until our government stops acting like children on the playground, until Republicans and Democrats can see that they are destroying what they claim to defend we will have to continue this fight.

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