Students turn “Statewide lobby day” into sit-ins of Legislator’s offices

March 1, 2010

Story still developing, students who went to meet with legislators used the opportunity of access to take the office and refuse to leave. As 4 PM arrests are being made. More information from Student Activism:

Today is a statewide lobby day for higher education in California, with students, faculty, and staff — and even regents and top administrators — descending on the capital to make their case to members of the state assembly and senate.

There’s been a lot of activity in Sacramento today, and I’ll have a full report on it tomorrow, but right now I’m trying to get on top of one breaking story: students are apparently conducting sit-ins at the offices of two state legislators at this moment.

4:00 pm California time | All the info I have so far is coming in via Twitter, so it’s a bit fragmentary, but apparently students are sitting in at the offices of Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R) and State Senator Darrell Steinberg (D). Twitterer @educatethestate is in the Steinberg offices, and @babysharkie is at the Nielsen sit-in.

4:06 | Tweets from @educatethestate suggest that State Senator Leland Yee has been negotiating with police on students’ behalf at the Steinberg sit-in, seeking to have any arrested students cited and released at the scene rather than being taken to jail for booking. Meanwhile, @babysharkie indicates that five students have just been arrested outside of Nielsen’s offices.

4:11 | The latest tweet from @educatethestate seems to indicate that five more students have been arrested at Senator Steinberg’s offices.

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