Communique from SUNY Purchase

March 2, 2010

From: SUNY Purchase:

March 4th is coming and a “University Strike” is in the air. Around 3:30 this morning we climbed the roof of the library and dropped a banner. Budget cuts, increased tuition, layoffs, and the privatization/corporatization of our schools are happening all across the country. Public education is being attacked on all levels from k-12 to higher education and we will not be quiet. At 1pm this Thursday (March 4th) walk out of your class and congregate outside the library for the national day of action to defend public education. Bring pots and pans, noise-makers and your friends.

This is bigger than our school and bigger than students, our entire system is fucked. Thursday is just the beginning of what will hopefully spread through all sectors of society. The priorities of the government are clear; banks and business are more important than people and the earth is a resource to be exploited.

We must fight!

Thursday is just the beginning!

We stand in solidarity with students, faculty and workers everywhere!

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