March 3, 2010


Rally at Gov. Paterson’s Office, 4 pm

(633 Third Ave. @ 41st St.)

Then March to the MTA Hearings at FIT

(Seventh Ave. @ 27th St.)

Facebook event page

  • Stop the school closings and privatization of public education
  • Stop the cuts to K-12 and higher education
  • Restore the free student MetroCard
  • Full funding for all educational needs
  • Education is a right – Free, high-quality education for all

Walkout at New York University (NYU),11:15AM

(Meet at Schwartz Plaza between Bobst and Welcome Center)

Facebook event page

The following info is from before the walkout announcement. See the walkout flier to the right for more information.

In the morning, we’re having some tables set up with a mini-carnival that will be more NYU-specific (i.e. Pin the Problematic Corporate Bullshit on the Trustee, Guess the Budget, probably some pieing of a cut out of our university president, jsex, etc.) as well as a LOT of info on the bigger March 4 actions and the budget cuts, school closings etc. We’re going to head up to Hunter to support the walk out as well, and hopefully recruit some more NYU students to join us for that and the march at 4

Walkout at the New School, 11:30AM

Facebook event page

In response to a 33% tuition increase at Public Schools across the State, and the brutal suppression of Student Protest, California students have issued a call for a Strike on March 4th. This call quickly spread across the entire country. Students, but also faculty and workers, are set to suffer as a result of State Education Budget cuts, which will lead to larger class sizes, fewer scholarships and decreased opportunities. Folks are also suffering as banks, despite being funded heavily with public bailout money, deny loans to struggling students.

At New School, tuition is set to increase by around 5%, or $3000, at a time when many students can hardly afford lunch. Administrators routinely draw six figure salaries; tuition money is funneled to a building we’ll never see. That insane despot Bob Kerrey has retreated to his Ivory Tower, muttering about transforming the New School into the University of Phoenix, an online-only for-profit institution. His career is over. But the struggle isn’t.

New School was founded as a college for working adults, giving many who never had the opportunity to go to school the chance for an education. Its faculty and students are committed to changing the way our world works; free emancipatory education is a necessity. It’s time for the administration to get with the program.


Announce the walkout in all your classes through the week, via blackboard etc.
Meet at 11.45am outside 66 West 12th Street, we’ll be heading uptown to join the main demo etc.

Brooklyn College Teach-Ins All Day and Rally at 3 pm

On March 4th we’ll be trying to cancel as many classes as possible and instead hold student and faculty lead alternative workshops from 10am-3pm. The workshops will be on such topics as CUNY’s radical history, the effects of cuts on adjuncts and faculty, institutionalized racism, open admissions, etc. The full program is still being finalized. Also during the day, students in the film department will be showing movies about activism, there will be a dance party/free food in the cafeteria during common hours. At 3pm we will gather on the quad to join the larger rally at Paterson’s office.

Rally at City Hall, 1 pm

Organized by the Coalition for Public Education/Coalición por la Educación Pública

Shut Down City Hall Not Our Schools!

National Day of Action to Defend Public Education

We say:
-Fix Public Schools, Don’t Close Them!
-Public School Buildings for Public Schools, Not CharterSchools!
-We want a People’s Board of Education, Not Mayoral Control!
-Money for Student Metro-Cards, Schools, Hospitals, Housing and Jobs, No Budget Cuts, No Layoffs, No CUNY Tuition, No More Money for War, No Money for the Military Occupation of Haiti, No More Money for Corporate America!

March and Rally at City Hall
Show UP, Stand UP and Speak Out!!!

*****WEAR RED!*****
Thursday: March 4, 2010
Start: Gathering at 1:00PM
Directions: A, C to Fulton Street; J,M,Z to Chambers Street; R,W to City Hall Park; 2,3 to Park Place; or 4,5,6 to Brooklyn Bridge.

Walkout at CUNY Hunter College, 1 pm

Facebook event page

(Walk out and congregate on the 3rd floor of 695 Park Ave)


Rally at CUNY Queens College, 1:50-2:50 pm

Facebook event page

Join Queens College students,faulty and professors and Townsend Harris high school students as we rally to defend our education.

The current proposals cut TAP assistance by 75 dollars per student per year; tuition can be raised each year (CUNY education used to be FREE you know); and hiring freezes, attrition, buy-outs, salary deferrals, raise deferrals, health care contribution, increases, childcare closures, and other reductions are slicing the value of public education daily. This is not to mention stripping away student Metro Cards for our compadres in high school and threatening to take away the Q74.

Are you tired of these attacks on education? Sick of budget cuts and tuition hikes?

Then join the March 4 NY discussion and help plan the statewide day of action to defend education on March 4, 2010. Students, teachers, faculty, staff and concerned community members are invited to join with us and take a stand for education.

After our rally, many of us will leave together to go to the big rally at 4pm at Governor Paterson’s office and then the MTA Headquarters! Bring your posters and pots and pans! Let’s make some noise to defend our education because increasing our tuition every year, losing student metrocards and privatizing our education is not the right thing to do.

Let’s set out differences aside and fight for the rights of students.Spread the word to all QC students!

Participating QC groups: Political Science Club, NYPIRG, STAND, Anti-War Coalition, Democratic Student Alliance, Soccer Club, Gamma Omega Delta, International Students Club, GLASA, Model UN, Catholic Newman Club, MSA,Sci-Fi Anime, Ascend, ALAS, CUPB, RHA,Phi Sigma Sigma,UP

Rally at CUNY Graduate Center, 4 pm

(365 Fifth Ave. @ 34th St.)

Then March to Parterson’s Office and the MTA

Organized by The Adjunct Project

Rally at CUNY Lehman College, Time TBA

Then travel to Gov. Paterson’s office to join the city-wide rally.

Rally at CUNY City College, Time TBA

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