Sussex Reoccupied!

March 3, 2010

Students at Sussex released the following statement:

The management of our university has rejected all alternative plans proposed by the UCU, by the Student Advisors, by the Parents who use the crèche, and by various academic departments. We feel that taking this action is our only option to protect our education from cuts.

We oppose the authoritarian tactics employed by management, just as we oppose all cuts to public services. Whether we be students, workers or unemployed, we should not be made to pay for a funding crisis created by an irresponsible, outmoded, and defunct economic system.




Students have barricaded themselves inside the management offices at Sussex University. They are protesting against the Vice Chancellor’s plans to make 115 staff redundant. The job cuts would eradicate the environmental sciences degree programme, and significantly reduce the size of the English, history, and life science departments. The student advice service, the crèche, security services and catering staff also face savage cuts.

The students’ action is part of a national day of action against education cuts, which was called in response to the government’s announcement (on February 1st) of £950m cuts to university funding over the next three years. Students at Westminster University occupied their vice-chancellor’s office on Monday to protest against cuts, and demonstrations are taking place today in Norwich, Leeds and London, to name only a few.

Higher education has been one of the first sectors to face severe spending cuts, and the actions of students and university staff will determine the confidence of the government to cut jobs and services in other areas.

Keep up with events at Sussex at


Information on the National Day of Action against Cuts:

One Response to “Sussex Reoccupied!”

  1. old news Says:

    Btw it was really rowdy inside. No time to discuss a proper statement really, I guess someone just knocked out the ‘press release’ which isn’t bad really. You can be sure that a lot of us were thinking of you guys, though. March forth etc. ❤

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