SFSU, Berkeley, UCSD: attacking repression to end stagnation

April 8, 2010

Today at UCSD a rally (and occupation?) is underway to save Professor Ricardo Dominguez, March 4th participant and pro-immigrant activist. Yesterday SFSU students responded to $744 fines for December occupiers of the business building by breaking into an administration meeting and refusing to leave the building. (Pictures from the action here and here). Monday also saw a protest at Berekely over various charges and suspensions against activists there.

The lack of action post-March 4 has lead to some speculation as to whether the unfolding autonomous student movements has already folded, either as a result of overly messianic rhetoric, or, conversely, liberal recuperation. The action of the last week is evidence of a different story, one of suppression from university administrations and police, and emerging resistance against it. These judicial procedures, criminal charges, crippling fines, and suspensions are in a way a test; they may either result in the death of these uprisings or more wood for the fire. We’re looking forward to latter.

Stay tuned to Occupy CA for updates on UCSD.

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