Affective Disorder-ticket candidates for New School Student Senate

April 9, 2010


Candidate A

… for the party of abstention and absurdity, a positive platform based on the enforced decay of all social institutions and practices. from the university student senate, emanations of a melancholy sadness. we party and we work, the lines are being blurred. what is social networking? or more accurately, what isn’t? we produce social capital, we absorb debt, we integrate and assimilate and die and die again. a mechanism for the destruction of possibility, is your university apparatus. a comedy. a tragedy.

if i am elected to the universal senate for the maintenance of student passivity and social death, i will probably not care.

Candidate B

Political society uses morality as a tool for the public to believe in the legitimacy of the political society itself,Choose from the most used tags in Post Tags often positioning itself as more moral than political societies of the past, which engaged in varying degrees of atrocious acts. Political institutions are capable of feigning legitimacy only in that they prevent worse political organizations from gaining or regaining political power. To run for, or to run from? This is the central question. The secretary bird is a terrestrial bird of prey. Who are you? A candidate allows constituents to feast upon the candidate’s supple flesh. Constituents allow candidates to play a role. The secretary bird is related to the vulture; the twitter bird is related to isolation. Sagittarius serpentarius does not stay in one place pecking away at policy and reform like bits of grain. DO YOU WANT TO BE EATEN? Policy is a dead substance. It is eaten despite its lack of nutritive value. Destroy policy. Destroy value. The life of the nomad is not one that is willed upon the unwilling like a plague. The nomad tattoos it personally to the feet. Fill form. Submit form. Peck at grain. Peck at polls. Stamp posts. Post stamps, posterchild.

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