San Fransisco Anti-fa needs your help

May 6, 2010

Today the two anti-fa arrested for their participation in this year’s May Day demonstration were arraigned in a San Francisco court. During their arraignment, the astronomically large previously set bail of $200,000 was reduced but the State took this opportunity to also announce its plan to attach Hate Crime enhancements to their charges (bitter irony always seems to have juridical origins). The bourgeois media, the police, and the Nazis have once again shown they have no problems working together to criminalize those who struggle. At this point, the movement here in the states has been stretched thin due to the bulk of arrests that resulted from an unprecedented and exciting year of May Day actions and thus comrades in the Bay Area need everyone’s help to secure the release of the two imprisoned anti-fascists. Immediate solidarity and support is needed and should be demonstrated incessantly because it affirms and expands who we are, what we do, and if we struggle together, what we can become.

Please send money to the paypal for the arrested comrades:

Solidarity is the weapon of the People!

more information:

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