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April 24, 2010

Three nights ago it seemed that the strike and occupation at the University of Puerto Rico was done for as an army of riot cops, swat teams, and helicopters surrounded the campus preparing for a raid. Due to incredible support and vigilance from the community no raid occurred, and not only does the strike and occupation continue but it has spread to at least 8 (of 11) other campuses. What was being reported as a violent student action (due to a report 19 “injured” security guards, of which I’ve found no evidence of online, and sounds like a typical administration fabrication we’re quite familiar with at the New School) has become a national situation, as more union actions and wildcat strikes continue to occur in solidarity.

In this Video police forcibly evict public school teachers occupying the collector’s office at the Treasury Department for the Retirement system. Another video shows professors and parents gathered at the gates of UPR watching and mocking police.

UC Rebel Radio from Berkeley has translated this letter from the striking students to the entire nation.

We hope the strike continues to proliferate, and the cops/administrators continue to look like fucking fools. Solidaridad desde New York City!

For the second consecutive week a black bloc caused havoc in Portland in response to two police murders in the last two months. Aaron Campbell in late January, and Jack Dale Collins on March 22nd. According to Portland IMC’s timeline, the marchers evaded police, went through campus buildings at Portland State University, blockaded streets, smashed the window of a Bank of America, and finally made their way to a “justice center” where prisoners inside could be seen “showing solidarity fists, banging on the windows.” 8 people were arrested during the march.

Joel Dow, an anarchist arrested last week, is still in jail after his bail was set to an absurd $259,000.

New School Walkout March 4th

February 24, 2010

Occupy Everything Fight Everywhere Strike March 4!


The call has gone out. On March 4th, students, workers and teachers throughout the nation and across the globe will strike. Pre K-12, adult education, community colleges, and state-funded universities will come together in an international Strike and Day of Action to resist the neoliberal destruction of public education in California and beyond.

We stand beside all who wish to transform public education, and we seek to advance the struggle by generalizing the tactic that has, by far, been the strength of the movement: direct action.

In keeping with the spirit of March 4th, we call upon everyone, everywhere, to occupy everything—from collapsing public universities and closed high schools to millions of foreclosed homes. We call on all concerned students and workers to escalate the fight against privatization where they are, in solidarity with the California statewide actions. We envision a network of occupied campuses in multiple states across the nation.

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This morning at 7:05 a group of students occupied the main building of the University of Utrecht. The students are protesting against the university’s board decision to stop publishing the paper version of the University Newspaper. The action is the first of a series of national initiatives to stop budget cuts in education.

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Spring Semester

January 28, 2010

(Found this searching Occupy CA on Twitter)

From OCAP:
December 8th, 2009 – Today, starting at 11:30am, members of the
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) and more than 150, to at
times 250 people, who are struggling to survive on Ontario Works and ODSP occupied the 12th floor and main lobby of Toronto’s Metro Hall – the head of Welfare bureaucracy in Toronto.

Despite intimidation, the group refused to leave and instead demanded the right to have their Special Diet forms properly processed. The group was loud and determined – chanting “We won’t be quiet ’till we get the special diet!”. Social Services responded by vaguely telling the group that they are waiting on ‘clarification’ from the Province on policy around the Special Diet. They then issued an ultimatum and sent in a large team of police, including ETF, who were preparing to mass arrest and physically remove people from the building. After
almost 4 hours, the group was forced to exit the building. But this
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From Exquisit Corps – Because it received so much attention, I’m bringing you more on the New School benefit show last Friday. For the original article and first edit of photos, click here

In an effort to provide updates and try to clear up some discrepancies about violence with the police, I interviewed an insider. Below is my conversation with a 210 Cook resident, New School arrestee and party arrestee whose name will remain anonymous.

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Asheville, NC – Mayday

. . . thumping beats are calling to us—seducing us closer as they increase in volume. “Is this  the space!? Oh my fucking god this is the space!” A three-story monolith is consuming every body that nears its margins. We follow the most fascinating haircuts as they are sucked into the event’s singularity. An enormous banner drapes across the building’s exterior exclaiming, “Reclaim space to reclaim our lives!” and “Occupy everything!” . . .

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