Monday April 20

All students who were involved in the reoccupation of 65 Fifth Ave are UNSUSPENDED, until their disciplinary review hearing occurs. This “modification” of the disciplinary review rules did not just happen out of nowhere; it happened because the administration knew that if they didn’t lift the suspensions, then the gates of chaos might just open up on 5th Ave again.

Wednesday April 22

University Student Senate All-Student Assembly
Wollman Hall at 6pm (W. 11th)

Students and Workers Protest @ CUNY and Stella D’Oro:
2pm at City College, W. 137th Convent Ave

Thursday April 23
-ACT-UAW Parsons faculty firing rally
12-1 pm, 66 W. 12th

The part-time faculty union, ACT-UAW Local 7902 of the New School and NYU, is gravely concerned with the Kerrey administration’s harsh response to the New School students who recently occupied 65 Fifth Avenue, including a massive show of police force. President Kerrey’s statement about the protest focused only on allegations of student misconduct, ignoring the serious issues raised by the protesters. We call on the administration to immediately revoke the suspensions of students pending a full investigation of all allegations. The question should be asked why student dissatisfaction with the administration needs to be expressed in the occupation of a university building. In our view, this protest is symptomatic of the administration’s failure to foster a healthy and democratic educational community at the New School.