The purpose of an occupation is to occupy.

It may have value as a tactic, a form of leverage, a means to an end – but to overlook the value of the act itself is to damn us to mere pursuit of a goal on the horizon, and deny us the ability to realize the potential right at our feet.

Capitalism rests on the monopoly of space. It commands the distribution and function of every inch, turns it into property and real estate and hands it upwards through political strata, clings to the sanctified ownership of abandoned buildings while record numbers of families live on the streets. Those who labored to build, it denies the right to experience.

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Occupy Nothing

April 14, 2009

We fully support the actions of the administration against the student occupiers and their supporters.  Enlisting the police as a private security force is a tried-and-true tactic of those with pull against those who push.  Private power lobs up resistance due to its deliciously alienating and hierarchical essence.  The police swing for the fences.  Batter up.  We love this shit.

You know something else we love?  Using students as laughable instruments of our strategy.  A New School Free Press reporter gave video footage he shot of the protest outside to the police.  That’s what we’re talking about.  Only if all students knew that actively negating the unlife of their compartmentalized pseudo-reality by the total seizure of an education-edifice and subsequently abolishing the imposed identity of that physical structure is a self-defeating enterprise, then we could use every last one of them as naive pawns on our two-dimensional chessboard of domination.  Heads cocked to the sky, we laugh maniacally at the prospect!  HA!, friend, HA!        

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Students Respond to New School Lies About Occupation

We would like to set the record straight about a few things.

In a series of messages to the New School community by President Bob Kerrey and others, the occupation of 65 5th Avenue on Friday, April 10th, is being painted as violent, and student protesters’ commitment to non-violent demonstration is being questioned. We can debate all day about rhetoric and what has been written by individual students ostensibly involved in the December occupation, or we can look at the actions themselves.

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What is an occupation?

April 12, 2009

Read, print, copy, and distribute these EVERYWHERE

University Occupations: France, Greece, NYC

The New School Occupation (download printable format)

Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation (download printable format

Hundreds of people came to Union Square to show their support for the arrested.  A student read a statement called What The Fuck Happened Friday Morning? as friends cheered on and leaflets were passed out. Everyone was pissed about the NYPD and New School beating up our friends and ending our joy, and they pledged to occupy everything until every last building is ours. Talk of student strikes,  larger occupations and jail support was immiment.

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On the Poverty of Student Life

Considered in Its Economic, Political,
Psychological, Sexual, and Especially Intellectual Aspects,
With a Modest Proposal for Doing Away With It

by  members of the Situationist International and students of Strasbourg University

To make shame more shameful still
by making it public

It is pretty safe to say that the student is the most universally despised creature in France, apart from the policeman and the priest. But the reasons for which heT1 is despised are often false reasons reflecting the dominant ideology, whereas the reasons for which he is justifiably despised from a revolutionary standpoint remain repressed and unavowed. The partisans of false opposition are aware of these faults — faults which they themselves share — but they invert their actual contempt into a patronizing admiration. The impotent leftist intellectuals (from Les Temps Modernes to L’Express) go into raptures over the supposed “rise of the students,” and the declining bureaucratic organizations (from the “Communist” Party to the UNEF [National Student Union]) jealously contend for his “moral and material support.” We will show the reasons for this concern with the student and how they are rooted in the dominant reality of overdeveloped capitalism. We are going to use this pamphlet to denounce them one by one: the suppression of alienation necessarily follows the same path as alienation. . . .

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Political theory was a tireless enterprise that attempted to resuscitate the departed.  Pathetic and senile, it was murdered with disproportionate brutality.  Following a meandering, obscure homily typical of the ilk, political theorists huddled around its grave plot, observing its passing by refusing to acknowledge it.

These disciples have graduated from trivial clerics to trivial ghost hunters;  whereas before their activity was just quaintly irrelevant, it is now also paranormal.  Incidentally, they still survive by feeding both on their own and on the corpses of long-ago theorists whose bones have not yet been picked clean of substance.

The perpetrator of the murder-death-kill was the [occup@tion].  Political theory as a compartmentalized discipline of sophism was found splayed outside immediately following the seizure of the building, which manifested the adamantine mutualism of theory and practice, theory and action.  A small note in gentle writing was discovered at the crime scene: “Abolish the university, the swaggering and monopolistic atomizer of learning.”  It is unclear if it was written by the victim or the assassin.

An analysis and call for action

by New School Schwarz und Rot

“The tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the ‘state of emergency’ in which we live is not the exception but the rule. We must attain to a conception of history that is in keeping with this insight. Then we shall clearly realize that it is our task to bring about a real state of emergency…” – Walter Benjamin

Recently there has been a lot of talk connecting the specific conditions at the New School with the general conditions of society-at-large. You may have heard the material and intellectual concerns of students couched in a radical critique of capitalism, injustice and hierarchical power. On the surface, this may seem abstract and out of touch with the everyday life of students at the university. It may appear as an attempt to shoehorn unrelated “activism” into an otherwise simple administrative matter. However, when we delve below the surface appearance of everyday life, it becomes clear that a generalized critique of society based on the twin logics of capitalist accumulation and hierarchical domination has everything to do with our struggle to redefine our school. The following is an attempt to communicate this relation between the general and particular and to reach out to those students who may feel distanced from last semester’s occupation.

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Q: Wait, what’s going on?
A: 65 5th Avenue has been occupied. This time, the entire building has been taken and the doors locked shut. As of the last count, there are at least 60 students inside with many more planning to join.

Q: Whose idea was this? New School in Exile? RSU?
A: Neither. It was a collective decision by a group of students who may or may not be involved in either, but the planning was done outside the context of any group.

Q: Isn’t this dangerous!?
A: This is civil disobedience, the occupation is intended to be safe and non-violent. No one wishes any physical harm to any university employees or security. Inside there is a trained medic, and everyone’s health and safety is being provided for. Anyone who wishes to leave will be able to leave. The NYPD is, of course, a wild card. Its up to everyone outside the occupation to make sure the administration does not resort to violence as they did in December.

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