We, members of the Italian student movement who have been continuously mobilized since last autumn against the cycles of university reform, against an unstable job market and for a new student ‘welfare’, have passionately followed your action at the New School on April 10. We’ve been following your struggle for the resignation of President Kerry, guilty in our eyes of creating a corporate university administration who blatantly disregards the interests of the students and faculty, the core of the university. With the careful attention we pay to protest movements in other countries, we bared witness to the police repression and brutality that the university administration unleashed on its students. As we are all part of world-wide student struggles, we want to express our solidarity with your movement and all arrestees.

A few days beforehand, during the new school occupation in new york, performed to stand up against Bob Kerrey’s lack of financial and political transparency. The students of New York clashed with the violence ‘police’ reaction which militarized the campus and removed the occupiers by force. More than 20 students were put under arrest, and now are laden with judicial charges which in our eyes are heavy-handed.

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HOLY SHITBALLS! What the fuck happened last night at the New School?

New School in Exile: Video | Photos

by tyler magyar by langnewspaper.

Hundreds of people at the anti-police brutality rally at the 55 w13th st New School building, dozens in Bob Kerrey masks, speaker after speaker condeming the NYPD and the New School’s violent response to the occupation, absurd revolutionaries challenging everyone to OCCUPY EVERYTHING! ABOLISH TIME! and NEGATE NEGATION. The crowd gets pumped and takes the street in front of the building, screaming at the top of their lungs against the structures of abusive authority that surround them – including the  numerous undercover cops and new school-hired private security teams, as well as the FBI, TARU units, and other violent state-sanctioned gangs like them present. The atmosphere becomes raucous and the joy and fear of everyone surges.  DROP THE CHARGES, OCCUPY AGAIN they say.

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Join New School students, faculty and supporters in a rally at 6pm this Thursday @ 55 W. 13th St. to denounce police violence towards New School students, as well as the unchecked power of the New School President and senior administration. See this New York Times article for reports and videos of police actions on 14th street last Friday, April 10th.

The rally will feature student speakers directly impacted by police violence, a chance to refute administration and police lies about student violence, and more details about the occupation and next steps.

The rally will be held outside of 55 W. 13th street (corner of 6th avenue) at 6pm Thursday April 16th.

For more details visit www.newschoolinexile.com

Dear friends and colleagues,

We write from Paris, a city where protests, demonstrations, and yes, even building occupations are frequent occurrences; a city whose traditions of creative, robust forms of political expression we admire and one whose
inhabitants regularly manifest what seems to us a healthy dose of self-respect in objecting publicly and forcefully to demeaning and unjust conditions. Having breathed this atmosphere for many months now, we view recent events at the New School in a different light from that reflected in communications we have so far received.

Granted we are far away. And undoubtedly we miss many nuances. Nevertheless, having carefully read all the documents sent to us (student manifestoes, presidential memos, and communiqués from deans, provosts, trustees and individual professors), we can see no justification for the Administration”s resort to police force against the occupiers of 65 Fifth Avenue. Furthermore, we are against proposals to condemn both sides. On the contrary, we urge the faculty to condemn the administration”s action forthwith and to support the right of the demonstrators to their protest, regardless of our agreement or disagreement with their views and goals.
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Student Action Defense Committee

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

11:40am – 5:00pm

Lang Courtyard, 66 w.12th st

“We take police brutality sitting down”

Shocked, terrified, or just plain pissed off about the administration’s use of the NYPD during a student protest? Horrified at the wanton acts of police brutality perpetrated on our campus? So speak up! We’re having a sit-in in the Lang courtyard on Wednesday. We’ll have some street theater, some food, maybe some music (anybody have an old-school boombox?). This is about facilitating open discussion among the student body, as well as a demonstration against NYPD presence at student protests. If they kick us out of the courtyard, we move to the streets!

Occupy Nothing

April 14, 2009

We fully support the actions of the administration against the student occupiers and their supporters.  Enlisting the police as a private security force is a tried-and-true tactic of those with pull against those who push.  Private power lobs up resistance due to its deliciously alienating and hierarchical essence.  The police swing for the fences.  Batter up.  We love this shit.

You know something else we love?  Using students as laughable instruments of our strategy.  A New School Free Press reporter gave video footage he shot of the protest outside to the police.  That’s what we’re talking about.  Only if all students knew that actively negating the unlife of their compartmentalized pseudo-reality by the total seizure of an education-edifice and subsequently abolishing the imposed identity of that physical structure is a self-defeating enterprise, then we could use every last one of them as naive pawns on our two-dimensional chessboard of domination.  Heads cocked to the sky, we laugh maniacally at the prospect!  HA!, friend, HA!        

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The Graduate Faculty Student Senate (GFSS) maintains:

The student body of the New School for Social Research has convened on this evening of April 13, 2009 because there is a undeniable need to respond to the events of April 10, 2009.

The force used by the NYPD against the students and unaffiliated protesters is unacceptable. The GFSS condemns the administration’s invitation to the absurd scale of police force on our campus, and the violence of last Friday.

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The Lang Faculty Executive Committee offers the following statement as a contribution to discussion:

While a full picture of last Friday’s events at 65 5th avenue has yet to appear, the Executive Committee of the Lang Faculty offers the following points for discussion:

1. We state unequivocally that the use of force against persons on the New School campus is completely unacceptable. General staff, indeed all staff and officers, have the right to a safe working environment.

2. We question the decision to call on the NYPD as a first response to the occupation. What should have been the means of last resort was the first resort.

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The Economics Student Union (ESU) at the New School for Social Research issues the following statement regarding the events of April 10, 2009:

We, the students of the Economics Department of the New School for Social Research, express solidarity with all individuals who occupied the 65 Fifth Avenue building on April 10 2009, who have been suspended from school because of their actions, and who were arrested and physically harmed by the brutality of the New York Police Department.

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Students Respond to New School Lies About Occupation

We would like to set the record straight about a few things.

In a series of messages to the New School community by President Bob Kerrey and others, the occupation of 65 5th Avenue on Friday, April 10th, is being painted as violent, and student protesters’ commitment to non-violent demonstration is being questioned. We can debate all day about rhetoric and what has been written by individual students ostensibly involved in the December occupation, or we can look at the actions themselves.

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The part-time faculty union, ACT-UAW Local 7902 of the New School and NYU, is gravely concerned with the Kerrey administration’s harsh response to the New School students who recently occupied 65 Fifth Avenue, including a massive show of police force. President Kerrey’s statement about the protest focused only on allegations of student misconduct, ignoring the serious issues raised by the protesters. We call on the administration to immediately revoke the suspensions of students pending a full investigation of all allegations. The question should be asked why student dissatisfaction with the administration needs to be expressed in the occupation of a university building. In our view, this protest is symptomatic of the administration’s failure to foster a healthy and democratic educational community at the New School.

What is an occupation?

April 12, 2009

Read, print, copy, and distribute these EVERYWHERE

University Occupations: France, Greece, NYC

The New School Occupation (download printable format)

Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation (download printable formathttps://i0.wp.com/www.indybay.org/uploads/2009/01/31/preoccupied-read.pdf_600_.jpg)

All 19 occupiers along with the 3 who were arrested outside have been released from jail with NO BAIL!!!


The charges are mostly misdemeanors for trespassing, along with some others. Two felonies were also given out. The prosecutors asked for bail from anywhere of $1000 – $50,000, BUT EVERYONE WAS RELEASED WITHOUT BAIL. Initial court dates are for two weeks.

THANK YOU for all who gave and pledged bail!!! We’ll probably need some more for legal fees, so check back here later for ways to donate.


A timeline of events from the re-occupation of the New School building at 65 Fifth Ave


That’s the question on just about every New School student’s mind right now. Too make a long story short what happened was a peaceful act of civil disobedience and reclaimation of space was violently evicted by the NYPD in cooperation with the New School administration. But here’s the full story:

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Hundreds of people came to Union Square to show their support for the arrested.  A student read a statement called What The Fuck Happened Friday Morning? as friends cheered on and leaflets were passed out. Everyone was pissed about the NYPD and New School beating up our friends and ending our joy, and they pledged to occupy everything until every last building is ours. Talk of student strikes,  larger occupations and jail support was immiment.

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NYPD and New School assaulted bystanders, pepper-sprayed students, and ended our fucking occupation.

Come show your solidarity with the people whom Bob Kerrey “no longer considers students ”  at 10pm, Union Square, south steps.


We Won’t Stop Till Everyone is Free,

In Struggle,

The self-abolishing anti-student non-organization for joy and negation

Today we witnessed undoubtedly the greatest disgrace in the history of the New School. Students practicing civil disobedience in occupying a mostly vacant school building have been pepper-sprayed, teargassed, beaten, and then arrested. Bob Kerrey is attempting to shift the blame for this absurdly excessive use of violence on the NYPD, which is not entirely false. 100 of cops, at least 1 helicopter, dozens of barricades, violence against supporters, and the violent arrest of the students is the result of NYPD brutality. However, Bob Kerrey also deserves the blame for turning the police loose on the peaceful occupation and working with them every step of the way as violence continued. He further tries to justify this in the most desperate, pathetic, manner imaginable: rewriting the history of the December occupation and fabricating an incidence of violence on the part of students against a security guard.

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