Today begins a week of actions across Europe to block the Bologna Process, a massive scheme for gutting public education across Europe by standardizing the commodification of education. An Indymedia page in English provides some more details:

Between March 11 and 12, about 50 education ministers from all over europe and beyond, will gather in vienna and budapest to celebrate the 10 anniversary of bologna process.(Infos in: fr, de, tr)

Considering the current situation, the autumn and winter occupations and the ongoing protests in many Universities in Europe, South Africa, California (articles Indymedia Los Angeles) – is this celebration a mockery for all of us.

The bologna process is directly linked to the lisabon treaty which enforces the eurpean unions psychotic plan the transform this habitat into the most competitive place in the world resourced by the “product” knowledge.

Red and Black flags in the sky in Bologna:

Banner in Vienna:

Video of plans for the massive blockade

General strike and occupation of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna! Come down to squat and join the party!

Greetings form Austria: “We are right now blocking the biggest lecture hall at the university in vienna, austria, to protest against the cut backs on the budget for education and for free access to university for everyone! keep on fighting for free education for everyone!!!

Today, Tuesday 20.10.09 from 12.30

Occupation of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Schillerplatz 3
At 12pm a press conference is to be held in front of the Academy of Fine Arts,

Followed by a symbolic evacuation of the university, and finally the occupation of the Academy.
Join us, take your friends and sleeping bags with you!

There’s food, music and ideas for further self organised programs.
The plan is to use the coming days in order to establish an increased number of protest measures!
No study fees for nobody!

Free education for ALL!
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Dear Students of the New School in Exile,

I am writing from the Barcelona student movement against the implementation of the Bologna Process, representing the International Commission of the CAE (Student Assembly Coordinator for the assemblies of the four Public Universities of Barcelona), to demonstrate our solidarity with you following the brutal repression of your building occupation.

The sheer quantity of police and police vehicles, not to mention their methods of intimidation, has shocked and disgusted us. However, we must bear in mind that an action of this scale, surreal and out of proportion in contrast to the peacefully protesting students inside the building, shows the institutions’ true face. They are alarmed by the nature of our demands, by our organisation, by the connections we are making and the knowledge we are sharing. They repress us with their base brutality, the last cries of a dying beast, we fight back with the powerful creativity of our movements. They will always be on the defense, because we are the people and we are mobilising against their failing system.

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