(Found this searching Occupy CA on Twitter)

From OCAP:
December 8th, 2009 – Today, starting at 11:30am, members of the
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) and more than 150, to at
times 250 people, who are struggling to survive on Ontario Works and ODSP occupied the 12th floor and main lobby of Toronto’s Metro Hall – the head of Welfare bureaucracy in Toronto.

Despite intimidation, the group refused to leave and instead demanded the right to have their Special Diet forms properly processed. The group was loud and determined – chanting “We won’t be quiet ’till we get the special diet!”. Social Services responded by vaguely telling the group that they are waiting on ‘clarification’ from the Province on policy around the Special Diet. They then issued an ultimatum and sent in a large team of police, including ETF, who were preparing to mass arrest and physically remove people from the building. After
almost 4 hours, the group was forced to exit the building. But this
fight is not over – the group from today has vowed to return with an even larger number of supporters. Read the rest of this entry »