Students Respond to New School Lies About Occupation

We would like to set the record straight about a few things.

In a series of messages to the New School community by President Bob Kerrey and others, the occupation of 65 5th Avenue on Friday, April 10th, is being painted as violent, and student protesters’ commitment to non-violent demonstration is being questioned. We can debate all day about rhetoric and what has been written by individual students ostensibly involved in the December occupation, or we can look at the actions themselves.

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All 19 occupiers along with the 3 who were arrested outside have been released from jail with NO BAIL!!!


The charges are mostly misdemeanors for trespassing, along with some others. Two felonies were also given out. The prosecutors asked for bail from anywhere of $1000 – $50,000, BUT EVERYONE WAS RELEASED WITHOUT BAIL. Initial court dates are for two weeks.

THANK YOU for all who gave and pledged bail!!! We’ll probably need some more for legal fees, so check back here later for ways to donate.


A timeline of events from the re-occupation of the New School building at 65 Fifth Ave


That’s the question on just about every New School student’s mind right now. Too make a long story short what happened was a peaceful act of civil disobedience and reclaimation of space was violently evicted by the NYPD in cooperation with the New School administration. But here’s the full story:

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Hundreds of people came to Union Square to show their support for the arrested.  A student read a statement called What The Fuck Happened Friday Morning? as friends cheered on and leaflets were passed out. Everyone was pissed about the NYPD and New School beating up our friends and ending our joy, and they pledged to occupy everything until every last building is ours. Talk of student strikes,  larger occupations and jail support was immiment.

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NYPD and New School assaulted bystanders, pepper-sprayed students, and ended our fucking occupation.

Come show your solidarity with the people whom Bob Kerrey “no longer considers students ”  at 10pm, Union Square, south steps.


We Won’t Stop Till Everyone is Free,

In Struggle,

The self-abolishing anti-student non-organization for joy and negation

Today we witnessed undoubtedly the greatest disgrace in the history of the New School. Students practicing civil disobedience in occupying a mostly vacant school building have been pepper-sprayed, teargassed, beaten, and then arrested. Bob Kerrey is attempting to shift the blame for this absurdly excessive use of violence on the NYPD, which is not entirely false. 100 of cops, at least 1 helicopter, dozens of barricades, violence against supporters, and the violent arrest of the students is the result of NYPD brutality. However, Bob Kerrey also deserves the blame for turning the police loose on the peaceful occupation and working with them every step of the way as violence continued. He further tries to justify this in the most desperate, pathetic, manner imaginable: rewriting the history of the December occupation and fabricating an incidence of violence on the part of students against a security guard.

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Kerrey unmasked himself today as the massacrer he is by authorizing the NYPD to use force and pepper-spray to end the occupation of the entire building of 65 5th Ave. Over 100 cops in riot gear swarmed in through the roof after gassing everyone. Negotiations with the new Provost were in process as this happened.

Today, the New School  has simultaneously destroyed its past, and realized it.


It took the pigs and new school authorities pepper spray, tear gas, and beating up some bystanders outside.



Cops on the roof

April 10, 2009

Police are on the roof of the building right now.  We are trying to hold out but we need your support.

A banner was just dropped from the top of the occupied building — “April Fools, motherfucker”.




Even the cops laughed.

The police have cordoned off parts of 5th Ave. but you can still join the others outside yelling in solidarity.  This is our moment, let’s take back our streets!

Q: Wait, what’s going on?
A: 65 5th Avenue has been occupied. This time, the entire building has been taken and the doors locked shut. As of the last count, there are at least 60 students inside with many more planning to join.

Q: Whose idea was this? New School in Exile? RSU?
A: Neither. It was a collective decision by a group of students who may or may not be involved in either, but the planning was done outside the context of any group.

Q: Isn’t this dangerous!?
A: This is civil disobedience, the occupation is intended to be safe and non-violent. No one wishes any physical harm to any university employees or security. Inside there is a trained medic, and everyone’s health and safety is being provided for. Anyone who wishes to leave will be able to leave. The NYPD is, of course, a wild card. Its up to everyone outside the occupation to make sure the administration does not resort to violence as they did in December.

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BREAKING: Students Reclaim New School Graduate Faculty Building

Where: 65 5th Ave, NY NY

When: Right now

What: New School students have just reoccupied the entire graduate faculty building at 65 5th Ave, fully barricading themselves inside until President Kerrey and Vice-President Murtha resign. This is the same building that was occupied from December 17-19th of last year in protest of President Bob Kerrey’s mismanagement of the university. On February 10th, students announced they would “shut down the university” if President Kerrey and Vice-President Murtha did not resign by April 1st. With their demand still unmet as of this date, students have once again reclaimed this neglected, symbolic building which housed the New School for Social Research. On the 75th anniversary of the University in Exile, New School students are reclaiming the tradition of protest and political action that birthed the university and gave it meaning for generations to come.