Political theory was a tireless enterprise that attempted to resuscitate the departed.  Pathetic and senile, it was murdered with disproportionate brutality.  Following a meandering, obscure homily typical of the ilk, political theorists huddled around its grave plot, observing its passing by refusing to acknowledge it.

These disciples have graduated from trivial clerics to trivial ghost hunters;  whereas before their activity was just quaintly irrelevant, it is now also paranormal.  Incidentally, they still survive by feeding both on their own and on the corpses of long-ago theorists whose bones have not yet been picked clean of substance.

The perpetrator of the murder-death-kill was the [occup@tion].  Political theory as a compartmentalized discipline of sophism was found splayed outside immediately following the seizure of the building, which manifested the adamantine mutualism of theory and practice, theory and action.  A small note in gentle writing was discovered at the crime scene: “Abolish the university, the swaggering and monopolistic atomizer of learning.”  It is unclear if it was written by the victim or the assassin.