By 5:40 AM, 24 hours after the occupation began, the administration had ordered the police to break through a window and arrest the occupiers, clear the supporting protest outside, and arrest anyone that got in the way. This despite yesterday’s administrative claims that the occupation posed no threat to the campus and administrators are interested in all voices being heard.

This has been pretty typical of how administrators act when they try to play the “supportive but eager to negotiate and find a peaceful resolution” card. Publicly they wish to appear to engage the occupiers in good faith, but behind the scene they are preparing for as covert and quick end by police, and doing things like shutting off the heat to the building.

This video shows the arrests, subsequent blockade of police cars, and arrest of those blocking the street. 33 were arrested in all.

There were also reports of police thwarting some sort of action by regrouping supporters at 6:30 AM. Hopefully the administration, now shown to be massive hypocrites, will recommend all 23 misdemeanor trespassing charges be dropped– on their own accord or forced by further student action like at UC Davis.

News from SFSU occupation

December 9, 2009

From Golden Gate XPress: “This is an indefinite occupation, ” said Kate. “We are not leaving until demands are met or we are forcefully expelled.”

Looks like the SFSU students have secured the building pretty well and are seriously disrupting business as usual. Classes for the day were cancelled and business students are pissed! The action follows last night’s Funk the Cuts dance party.
About half an hour ago fire alarms were pulled in several class buildings and the demonstration outside is getting larger by the hour. Occupiers just read their demands from the top of the building.

Out of fear of the occupation spreading, the administration has shut its own building down!

Here’s an ABC 7 video showing a scuffle with some doofy business student.

Update: Demands posted on the occupysfsu blog… demands include an end to all wars and prisons!