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December 9, 2009 by occupysfsu.wordpress.com:
To those disaffected and affected by the budget cuts.
To those laid-off faculty who have been sent off this campus because Robert Corrigan values his six-figure income more than your pedagogy.
To those workers, always the unseen heroes who are the first to take the sacrifices.
To those janitors, who were denied from doing their jobs because of us. We do this for you.

40 years ago on this campus, San Francisco State College gave in to the demands of the 5-month Ethnic Studies strike, which gained valuable educational and economic opportunities for all Black and Third-World people. Self-determination for people of color was the word of the day, and although concessions were made, the struggle for self-determination of the working-class has not ended, but is going through a new phase of global class struggle intensified by the polarization of capital and labor.

Also 40 years ago, Indians of All Nations took a famous federal property known as Alcatraz Island, or The Rock, and again occupied the land that Lakota Indians had taken years prior unsuccessfully. The organizers, American Indians from tribes all across the continent, included young Richard Oakes, a Mohawk SF State student. The occupation lasted 19 months, whereby the IAN demanded a new American Indian Center on the unused surplus property, created a Bureau of Caucasian Affairs to deal with the white man, and purchased the island with feathers and beads worth more than the money paid to the native inhabitants of Manhattan Island by colonialists.

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The Polytechnic is Open!

December 7, 2009

The facade of Athens Polytechnic, occupied once again. The banner (possibly the most impressive yet) reads:

“State and Capital assassinate every day and not with bullets alone. We live the causes, we don’t wait for any occasions. Everyone to the streets: For dignity, for freedom, for Anarchy.”

From  Occupied London

The Polytechnic is Open!

Faced with political statements and intense rumors about the closing down of universities ahead of the 6th of December, we decided on the 3rd of December, ahead of the mobilizations one year after the state assassination of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, to come and remain in the Polytechnic – and so, with our physical and political presence, to keep this space open.

The Polytechnic and all other schools are not the property of whatever government or university administration, for them to close them down whenever they decide according to their interests. They belong, first and foremost, to the struggling people. For this reason the state decided, after all, to close down the schools in order for them not to be used by those in struggle as spaces of meeting up, discussion, counter-information and collective making of decisions and actions.

We keep the Polytechnic open and we have called for an open assembly for Thursday, December 3rd at 9pm, an assembly for the mutual shaping and coordination of collective actions of struggle ahead of the next days.

Academic asylum belongs to the society, not to university directors and the police!

We don’t forget, we don’t forgive – December 6th, 2008

The revolt cannot be repressed, its specter is haunting the city


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