Year Round
Our desires are empty, our power is null. Our gestures of escape are pushed to the margins – drunken debates with coworkers, crumpled pamphlets, the violent fantasies of miserable morning commutes, graffiti in the bathroom stalls. Struggle is a daily reality. Rather than forcing our anger against our common enemies, we turn our struggles inwards. We let our self-doubt grow infectiously as we wallow in self-appointed passivity. We drink ourselves to death to survive this meaningless culture.

But our individual struggles are communal and our set is beginning to take notice. In times of crisis the working class has two options: accept cutbacks in order to keep capitalism running, or revolt against the bosses and politicians who we all know we don’t need. “The people united will never be defeated!” chants the left. We stare at the metal barricades in which they’ve trapped us, despising this chant in its inaccuracy. We are defeated at every turn. So we search the crowd for others as angry as us, and


we see it in the eyes of the youth. No words are said to confirm the energy that propels us towards the barricades.

“California is a vision of the future,”

says the old new left of the East Coast academia, far enough away to study it as if it is the past.

The walls are ours to tear down, the streets are ours to shatter. Its matter hold no authority. Bricks are no longer stamped with the name of the empire, and all roads lead to an infinite number of terrible paths. The enraged classes are growing in size and strength and desire for something new and terrifying beyond the barricades.

Let us teach others to fight. Let the eace-police feel their irrelevance. Let the police-police trip as they chase us down alleyways. Let  University Presidents from San Diego to Boston dump frenzied memos on each other. Let the student class and the working class ally and together abolish their social categories!


Social War must be made! Students to the barricades!
Taking the streets is not enough! Occupy! Fuck shit up!
The university is dead! Kill the Student in your head!
Human strike is now in sight! It’s 2010! It’s time to fight!
Forever’s! Gonna! Start to-night!
Debtors of the world revolt!
Open up the Vortex! Let us all in!

From a comment posted on our blog:

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Statement of UC President Mark Yudof regarding the future of
public education in California
From: “University of California Office of the President”
Date: Tue, March 2, 2010 5:43 am

Date: 2010-03-02
Contact: University of California Office of the President
Phone: (510) 987-9200
Statement of UC President Mark Yudof regarding the future of public
education in California, March 3, 2010

Today I am publicly announcing my resignation as president of the
University of California. A letter to the U.C. community is posted at my

I first would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the members of my
staff who have worked tirelessly on behalf of public education. It has
been a privilege to work with such an exceptional group of individuals. I
would also like to thank the Board of Regents for allowing me to serve the
University of California and the staff, faculty and students of the entire
University system for their dedication, perseverance and commitment to the
ideals of excellence in higher education.

There are no doubt many questions about my decision to step down. I would
simply refer people to the letter I have posted on my website and urge the
public to respect my decision. I should say that this decision was
entirely my own and I was not pressured by any individual or institution.

The crisis we are facing is not only a budget crisis. This much is clear.
It is a structural and systemic crisis. It is my hope that outside of my
role as president of the U.C. that I will be able to do more to address
the systemic nature of the crisis we are all facing.

Respectfully yours,

Mark Yudof, ex-president, University of California

Outraged by the eviction of the Wheeler Occupation and the police violence around Berkeley Friday, over 100 students seized UC Headquarters demanding to talk to UC President Mark Yudof.

With supporters and riot police massing some administrators apparently talked to the students for 2 hours, and the students left by the time the building closed.  This tweet indicates a very phoney sounding compromise on the part of a UC administrator. Nonetheless, action continues throughout California.

Follow this indymedia link for updates on Monday’s action and search these Hash Tags on Twitter: #UCStrike #OurUni #UCregents