New School Benefit Gets Wild; 15 arrested

May 23, 2009

15 were arrested last night, all but three have been released with non-criminal disorderly conduct charges

From Exquisite Corps – So there was a gigantic benefit show for the New School arrestees last night in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

As usual the philosophical-politico Manhattanite university crowd turned out, as well as a handful of strictly Brooklyn party types. The half-anarchist half-hipster crowd couldn’t help but appear reminiscent of a certain catastrophic scenario in recent memory. Around 1:30 AM police showed up outside the 210 Cook street building and unplugged the sound system.

More Photos Here

The 800 or so kids from the roof were pushed into a condensed Cook Street where a couple skirmishes broke out between one of the more notably tough New York police precincts and the drunks/anarchists/bystanders from the party.

I didn’t have my camera flash but the photos still look pretty rad. What was I thinking, showing up to a New School event unprepared for a violent encounter with the cops? Now that it’s summer and school’s out, it looks like the anarchists are going to alternate between having benefit shows and being arrested. See all you kids and cops at the next one.


9 Responses to “New School Benefit Gets Wild; 15 arrested”

  1. wdunleavy Says:

    because of complaints and for the protection of people still in jail, the title of this article has been changed to “YO DAWG WE HEARD YOU LIKE BENEFIT SHOWS SO WE GOT ARRESTED AT YOUR BENEFIT SHOW SO YOU COULD THROW A BENEFIT SHOW FOR YOUR BENEFIT SHOW”

  2. gangbox Says:


    Please explain your comment.

    What about the previous title was nonprotective of the jailed people?

    And what about the current title is protective?

    I really do not understand – and I’ve been an activist for a very long time.

    Also, to be honest, if you folks were working class Blacks or Latinos, and you had a party on a rooftop with no permit – and with 800 people (at least one of whom – based on your photo – was butt ass naked on the edge of the roof and exposing his genitalia to the whole wide world), you would have gotten a whole lot more heat from the cops than you did.

    Even color and class privilege has it’s limits folks….so you might want to be careful the next time you have an event like that.

  3. Bunk Says:

    800 people? You can’t be serious. And how come no major newspapers got wind of this?

  4. wdunleavy Says:

    gangbox, I didn’t have a problem with my title, but i changed it because of complaints i received about use of the word ‘riot.’

    and please give the whole ‘working class’ shame on your for being white argument a rest. the cops would have given black people or puerto ricans a harder time regardless. that’s because it’s bushwick and cops are racist. big fucking news flash!

    if you want to respond or talk it over with me please send me an email, as i will forget to check all the comments on cross posts around the internet.

  5. gangbox Says:

    Sorry, but there is a strong element of both class and racial privilege here – and a strong sense of entitlement that rules that apply to others do not apply to you because of your class, racial and educational status.

    And yes, I have a problem with that.

    And no, I am NOT going to “give it a rest”!

  6. KneeJerk Says:

    Hey, Gangbox.

    No doubt that’s true, but if that’s *really* your criteria I’m guessing you could find a better target than that one.

  7. fx Says:

    Sorry, those premises are ridiculous. The point is not that white college kids should not have to play by the rules that apply to everyone else, the point is that those rules shouldn’t exist. Whether for college kids, hipsters, latinos or african american. Your comment is proof that some self proclaimed ‘progressives’ regard repressive rules as social norms, determined by all.

  8. wdunleavy Says:

    @bunk, the village voice ended up “getting wind of this”

    also, it’s time to get used to the society you live in. yup, the gentrifiers of brooklyn were raised in comparatively more privileged ways than poor inner city kids. They do also, tend to be white as a statistical fact / demographic trend, take your pick.

    sometimes that doesn’t change the fact that the police department is racist, or that you’re feeling guilty, or that hipsters can be economically disadvantaged.

    I’m sure you’ll never run out of scapegoats for things, so have a good time.

  9. quiet a riot down there

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