The Game: Take What Is Ours, Because Everything Is Ours

December 2, 2009

From the imaginary committee

Here is a shout out to fellow west coast conspirators
for some good ol’ fashion insurrection!
Its a time of crisis,
but it sure don’t look like one yet!

So get going and bring it on,
because we are the crisis!
This is a call for a competitive occupation
to get things started:
this will be called the Game.
And this game never fucking ends!

4 Responses to “The Game: Take What Is Ours, Because Everything Is Ours”

  1. Xinjiang Says:

    that every face is white in this photo is pretty indicative

  2. Likelostchildren Says:

    Spoken like a true reactionary guilt-wielding identity-poliicsstudent-cop movement-bureaucrat.

    Our friend who made the image isn’t white, dumbass, it’s just a black and white poster. I wish I could slap you in person.

  3. POC Says:

    So right on, brother Xinjiang. We POC would never want to occupy,riot or strike. Everybody knows that direct action is just for rich white kids!

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