Announcing the Release of “After the Fall: Communiques from Occupied California”

February 3, 2010

This isn’t a Newspaper, This is Dynamite

We are excited to announce the publication of After the Fall: Communiques from Occupied California. Collecting the major statements from the recent wave of Occupations, it is being provided as a free gift to the movement.

A love letter to the insurgent students and workers on California campuses, After the Fall will be released on Valentine’s Day and is intended to spark excitement and discussion. We encourage students and others to use After the Fall to mobilize forces ahead of the March 4th offensive .

– 44 tabloid pages of communiques, texts and photos from across the state
– includes a map, timeline and pullout poster

We will provide a bundle to any interested groups for the price of postage. Contact us at paper(at)afterthefallcommuniques(dot)info

& if you are interested in buying into the initial print run in order to receive many bundles please contact us.

stay tuned for additional details

2 Responses to “Announcing the Release of “After the Fall: Communiques from Occupied California””

  1. a Says:

    when is new york going to finally start posting news from their universities? its been dead for a real long time over there and california is poppin off….just sayin…

  2. reoccupied Says:

    when shit starts poppin off again, it’ll be up here! until then, we wait, act calm, and feign death. once we’re forgotten, then we will begin.

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