SUNY Stony Brook students start OccupyNY blog

March 1, 2010

SUNY Stony Brook is answering the call for a national protest in defense of education. With the pending Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act which will lead to higher tuition, less public accountability and a step towards the privatization of the public school system, students at Stony Brook and in the SUNY system at large have a huge stake in this struggle.

We Are The Crisis NY is currently organizing with student groups and other interested parties on campus in preparation for March 4th. Interest has been piqued across disparate groups and students are uniting in the run-up to nationwide protests which will signal the discontent we have with the state of public education in both New York and across the United States.

Budget cut after budget cut; tuition hike after tuition hike; the cost of education is being shoved off onto students and their families while the private sector thrives. We are tired of paying more for education that decreases in quality and importance in the face of profit and investment. We will not stand for emptier pockets! We stand for student power. We stand for education. We stand for freedom from the private sector.

One Response to “SUNY Stony Brook students start OccupyNY blog”

  1. You guys are stellar. We’ll keep an eye out for updates here on your March 4th actions and we’ll keep you all posted. Thanks much! Solidarity and love.

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