SUNY Purchase Occupied!

March 4, 2010


Solidarity to all students, workers and faculty!

We ‘ve taken over the Student Services Building. We started on the bottom level, turning a meager rally into a protest-party on the inside.Students are chanting, singing, dancing. The energy moved upstairs to the second floor where a folk group is performing right now. Downstairs another band is about to play. We are holding space and reclaiming it as ours. We will not leave!

The local media showed up for the rally outside but left before we went inward. Channel 12 and other local media sources watched as the president of our school spoke. Students were the real stars, the expression of solidarity was fantastic. Food not bombs came out to feed everyone that was hungry, we screened the occupation of wheeler hall so passerbys could connect with the struggles in the west. Students are making noise!!!!, and celebrated our ability to come together. It’s more than just tuition hikes and budget cuts,

WE are not leaving! This IS just the beginning!

3 Responses to “SUNY Purchase Occupied!”

  1. Mo Says:

    In Solidarity from Marburg [Germany].

    ~ one world – one struggle ~

    PS: Feel free to contact me, if you are interested in networking internationally and globally []

  2. UALbany Student Says:

    Fight Budget Cuts! Check out how your SUNY student government plans to rally for SUNY. Check out the sparkSUNY campaign @

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