Victoria students turn quad into Urban Garden

March 28, 2010

Last week hundreds of students in Victoria, BC celebrated planting season by occupizing the quad of their school, ripping up the lawn and turning it into fertile soil. The aim of the project was to bring the community together produce food for their own resources. On Friday, the administration destroyed the 10 new garden plots, arresting one student who stood in the path of one of their bulldozers. Students have responded by storming the office of the administrator who ordered the destruction, and also vow to replant the gardens once again.

More information on their blog.

Another Video
A longer commentary on the action on Anarchist News

2 Responses to “Victoria students turn quad into Urban Garden”

  1. anon Says:

    wow this makes me so happy.
    i love especially that they have a black and blue flag
    playground anarchy ftw.

  2. […] to the New School Reoccupied blog for the heads-up on this action. Twitter […]

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