Things that happened

November 20, 2011


Daily Update from Occupied 90 5th Ave.



1.) Today, students from schools across the city met in citywide GA, mobilizing for a solidarity rally at CUNY Monday and launching the Occupy Student Debt campaign.

2) The People’s University, held in the occupied space today, hosted Olivier Besancenot, former French Presidential candidate, anti-capitalist, and mailman. Besancenot spoke to need to develop an international student movement. The video will be posted soon.

3.) Dmitri Nikulin came to give a talk about Foucault on truth-telling and radical action, and to begin a conversation about the importance of dialogue between a variety of political perspectives in free spaces.

4) At present, press is not allowed into occupation itself, because the GA has decided upon the need to maintain the occupation as an open meeting space where people feel free to speak without fearing that press are listening in. However, we are happy to answer any questions downstairs or via e-mail / phone. Press should for more information.

One Response to “Things that happened”

  1. Vincerto Says:


    Then you would have actually inconvenienced some part of this institution and made a clear statement. Currently the only people you are inconveniencing are the students that used to study there. If you really wanted to shake things up you should have chosen the registrars or the financial aid office. Or, heck! All three!

    (Also, wth with regards to the graffiti on the walls?? We have to pay for that to be painted over with our tuition dollars. Although.. I do like murals..)

    Oh well. In my opinion what your next step from here should be is to MAKE THINGS POLITICAL. Stop arguing about peripheral issues (like, for example identity politics) and FOCUS on the creation of a space that will facilitate actual and serious political discussion.

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