One Divides into Two

November 25, 2011

Hegel's Dialectic

A lively new polemic about the concepts ‘one divides into two’ and ‘two fuse into one’ is unfolding on the philosophical front in this country. This debate is a struggle between those who are for and those who are against the materialist dialectic, a struggle between two conceptions of the world: the proletarian conception and the bourgeois conception. Those who maintain that ‘one divides into two’ is the fundamental law of things are on the side of the materialist dialectic; those who maintain that the fundamental law of things is that ‘two fuse into one’ are against the materialist dialectic. The two sides have drawn a clear line of demarcation between them, and their arguments are diametrically opposed. This polemic is a reflection, on the ideological level, of the acute and complex class struggle taking place in China and in the world.” Red Flag (Beijing), 21 September 1964

Autonomous  –


General  –

Which one will you choose?

2 Responses to “One Divides into Two”

  1. […] recent post on The New School Reoccupied ( asks the question: which will you choose? When one becomes two, when a split arises within an […]

  2. “…a struggle between two conceptions of the world”… But do we really face a struggle between two positions? Or three? For, to the two traditional positions you adduce there corresponds a third, neither simply bourgeois nor proletarian; that is, the solution of the bureaucracy.
    If we are about choosing sides here then let us at least have all of the options arrayed before us, like delicious turkeys on the table of history:

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