The Thing’s Analysis of New School Reoccupation

May 4, 2009

From The Thing –  the spring occupation tournament challenge:

Beautiful and hilarious banners (30pts) [1,2]
Crazy barricades and tons of chains (30pts)
Transform the uses of the space (10pts)
Dramatic rooftop reading of radical text (20pts) [1, txt]
Wild, inventive chants (30pts)
Solidarity means attack! (50pts) [1,2]
Total: 170pts

Lessons Learned
[ + ] Outside support is key. That was badass: [1,2,3]
[ – ] Despite their toughness, more was needed!
[ – ] Don’t expect your social role to lessen police reaction.
[ + ] You have to respond to “repression” with action, not self-victimization and whining.

Post-Game Analysis
They said they’d be back and they were, but not for that long. Despite that, they showed that not only is it possible to take a huge building in New York, it’s possible to do it again, even after you publicly announce you’d do it again and get snitched out by student organizers. Why the fuck is no one else doing this? Oh yeah, they’re scared. Don’t be a baby; occupy everything right now!

Amor y Resistencia Accounts [1,2]
New School Reoccupied Blog
CounterPunch Article
Hilarious NY Post Articles: “Old-School Siege” and “Kerrey Rips New School-igans”

One Response to “The Thing’s Analysis of New School Reoccupation”

  1. aprilfoolsmotherfucker Says:

    there were better banners than that, put that shit in!

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