News from SFSU occupation

December 9, 2009

From Golden Gate XPress: “This is an indefinite occupation, ” said Kate. “We are not leaving until demands are met or we are forcefully expelled.”

Looks like the SFSU students have secured the building pretty well and are seriously disrupting business as usual. Classes for the day were cancelled and business students are pissed! The action follows last night’s Funk the Cuts dance party.
About half an hour ago fire alarms were pulled in several class buildings and the demonstration outside is getting larger by the hour. Occupiers just read their demands from the top of the building.

Out of fear of the occupation spreading, the administration has shut its own building down!

Here’s an ABC 7 video showing a scuffle with some doofy business student.

Update: Demands posted on the occupysfsu blog… demands include an end to all wars and prisons!

4 Responses to “News from SFSU occupation”

  1. SFSU Music Student Says:

    I respect the purpose of the occupation, while I don’t necessarily agree with every aspect of it.

    However, protesters pissed off many of the music students thanks to setting off a fire alarm during a concert. This was the first time in 20 years the SFSU Orchestra had the right blend of instrumentalists to perform the piece they were playing and it was ruined thanks to a fire alarm pulled in the middle of the culminating performance (the only scheduled performance, by the way).

    If the protesting students want to make a statement, check with fellow students before you turn them off to your cause. If the alarm had been pulled any other hour, it wouldn’t have had the effect it did.

    You don’t want to piss off the SFSU artist community. You want artists on your side.

  2. anonymoose Says:

    and all it takes to take the artists off your side is a….fire alarm? i don’t know if i would want such touchy people on my side…they don’t sound very reliable…

  3. SFSU Music Student Says:

    Anonymoose – you missed the point. Music is what we are studying and what we are incredibly passionate about. The concerts we perform are not only the culmination of class work, but also the outcome of hours of rehearsal. We put a lot of effort into these things.

    Many political movements around the world and throughout history have been heavily influenced or bolstered by music.

    But how can we respect a group of people who treat us with disrespect by ignorantly ruining our art that we also PAID to have the privilege to perform under L musicians who teach and direct us musically. Disrupting a performance is not the same as interrupting a lecture.

    What it comes down to is respecting the students who want to take advantage of what we have paid for whether they are business majors or whether they are musicians.

    • andyfolk Says:

      The procession of respect you call for is a passification of students and workers that is leading to the evisceration of public education, your university included, towards a point where only the wealthy will be able to afford to pay for this education without finding themselves in tremendous debt. Occupation and strike is a disruption of the business-as-usual (which includes business classes and music classes alike) and your lack of solidarity with it on the day of the occupation indicates there wasn’t much chance of winning you over as an active supporter anyway.

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